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Some Studies of the Stability of Compounded Cefazolin Ophthalmic Solution

Author(s):  Kommanaboyina Brahmaiah, Lindauer Richard F, Rhodes Christopher T, Grady Lee T

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2000 - Compounding for Diabetes Patients
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Abstract:  The chemical stability of three compounded batches of cefazolin ophthalmic solution was monitored by a stability-indicating high-performance liquid chromatography assay. The degradation was governed by first-order kinetics, and the effect of temperature on reaction rate was in accordance with the Arrhenius equation at and above 17°C. Although the stability of all three batches was essentially the same, buffering the formulations may be useful. Even using a most cautious and conservative approach to the assignment of a beyond-use date for this type of product, it appears that, if the product is stored at controlled room temperature, a beyond-use date of six days would be fully justifiable. If the product is stored in a refrigerator, then a beyond-use date of 14 days could be assigned.

Related Keywords: cefazolin, stability, compound, ophthalmic, buffer, pH, degradation


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