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Compounding for Athletes: Tips for Making the Team

Author(s):  Hudson Sonora

Issue:  May/Jun 1999 - Compounding for Animals
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Abstract:  Breaking into sports compounding is no different from breaking into other specialty areas, say compounders who have been successful in establishing a presence in this market. But it is extremely competitive and may require a big commitment in terms of time, learning and a willingness to be of service. This article presents advice (four basic steps) about breaking into this market niche, from compounding pharmacists already involved in sports compounding and includes tips from the president of a national sports pharmacy that works with more than 70 teams in the United States; a pharmacist who compounds for the San Francisco Giants when that team is in spring training in Scottsdale, AZ; and a pharmacist in a small town near Saginaw, MI, who compounds for the Detroit Lions while that team is in spring training, among others.

Related Keywords: sports compounding, orthopedic doctor, sports medical practice, physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, athletes


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