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Barcode System and Computerized Balance Speed Compounding and Enhance Accuracy

Author(s):  Cabaleiro Joe

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2003 - Terrorism
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Abstract:  The author and his colleagues developed their own software program for their compounding pharmacy, customized to include a barcode system specifically designed to speed up compounding procedures and eliminate errors. Desired improvements over commercially available programs included minimizing use of incorrect drugs; more efficient and accurate documentation of lot numbers, beyond-use dates and quantities weighed information and improving pharmacists’ doublechecks. Other issues addressed included elimination of weighing errors, potential chemical omissions and errors in compounding. They also wanted to speed up the compounding process, reduce tedium for technicians and pharmacists and add as many automatic checks to the compounding process as possible. The end result was the development of a barcode-reading system and an interface of compounding balances with the compounding software. The article describes the way their system operates, its advantages and development.

Related Keywords: Barcode system, in compounding, Computerized balance, in compounding

Related Categories: BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY

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