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Technology Spotlight: Electronic Balances with Printer and Draft Shield

Author(s):  Wesolowski Paul

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2003 - Terrorism
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Abstract:  In this Spotlight, electronic balances of interest to pharmaceutical compounders are featured, including the Ohaus Explorer NTEP-Approved Precision Balance Series, the Mettler-Toledo Precision Electronic Balances (Al/P1 Analytical and Precision Electronic Balances [Al204/A and PL303/A and AB-S/PB-S Analytical and Precision Electronic Balances]), the Health Care Logistics Model 4029 Electronic Scale (Ohaus Adventurer Balance) and Denver Instrument Balances. Special features are highlighted, and contact information is provided.

Related Keywords: Balances, electronic, with printer and draft shield, Denver Instrument electronic balances, Electronic balances with printer and draft shield, Health Care Logistics Model 4029 Electronic Scale, Mettler-Toledo precision electronic balances, Ohaus Adventurer Balance, Ohaus Explorer NTEP-approved precision balance series, Technology Spotlight, electronic balances with printer and draft shield

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