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FDA Articles
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
PreScription: CompoundingToday.com and Sources of Compounding Chemicals Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2005 2 Buy
USP Chapter <797>: Practical Solutions for Microbiology, Sterility, and Pyrogen Testing Caputo Ross A, Huffman Anne, Reich Robert Jan/Feb 2005 11-13 Buy
Using ACDs in the Practice of Pharmacy Kastango Eric S Jan/Feb 2005 15-21 Buy
USP Chapter <797> and Preparing for a JCAHO Survey McElhiney Linda F Jan/Feb 2005 23-28 Buy
Questions and Answers: USP Chapter <797> and JCAHO Compliance Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2005 29-31 Buy
The US FDA List of Drugs Not to Be Used in Compounded Medications for Humans (the "Negative List") Allen Loyd V Jr, Ashworth Lisa D Jan/Feb 2005 44-46 Buy
Is Veterinary Compounding Illegal Under Federal Law? Gibbs Jeffrey N Nov/Dec 2004 449-450 Buy
PostScription: Your voice is important to the future of pharmacy Tosh Erik Sep/Oct 2004 407 Buy
Regulatory and Operational Issues of Founding a Compounding Pharmacy Smith Lisa K Nov/Dec 2002 434-437 Buy
Gaining Access to Investigational Drug for Treatment: An Investigational New Drug Application Primer Kramer Mark A, Grilley Bambi J Jul/Aug 2002 271-273 Buy
Regulatory Issues for the Use of Bulk Drugs in Veterinary Compounding Chan Debora Schotik Mar/Apr 2001 97-100 Buy
Drugs Banned for Use in Food Animals: An Explanation Davidson Gigi S Mar/Apr 2001 101-103 Buy
Compounding OTC Drugs: A Legal Perspective Gibbs Jeffrey N, Mazan Kate Duffy May/Jun 2000 180-181 Buy
Extemporaneous Formulations in Pediatric Patients Nahata Milap C Jul/Aug 1999 274-276 Buy
When is Compounding for Animals Legal? Siegner A Wes Jr May/Jun 1999 188-191 Buy
FDA and the Practice of Pharmacy: Regulatory Aspects of Compounding Letendre William R Nov/Dec 1997 399-403 Buy