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Profile of a Practice: Ward Drug Company Diabetic Shoppe and Prescription Compounding Center

Author(s):  Vail Jane

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2003 - Terrorism
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Abstract:  Tailoring medications to the changing needs of diabetic patients is a specialty of Gary Glisson, BSPharm, FACA, FIACP, owner of the practice profiled in this article. It offers the largest selection of diabetes-treatment supplies in North Carolina and is one of the few suppliers of footwear designed specifically for diabetic patients. The practice also offers an extensive array of other products for diabetic patients. About 10% of the total pharmacy business consists of compounded preparations; of that, 40% is bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, 30% is veterinary compounding, 15% is products for diabetic patients and 15% is miscellaneous. Glisson and staff usually see diabetic patients once a month when they come to get supplies and monitor them during a brief exchange of information. Because foot problems are so prevalent with this group, they instruct patients in proper foot inspection care and compound some neuropathic creams that can be rubbed on the feet. They also provide special footwear and a special foot program including evaluation and supplies for the patient.

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