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Menopausal Symptom Relief and Side Effects Experienced by Women Using Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Conjugated Equine Estrogen and/or Progestin Hormone Replacement Therapy, Part 1

Author(s):  Deleruyelle Laura J

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2016 - Volume 20, Number 5
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Note:  Electronic version includes supplemental material.

Abstract:  The use of compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy by menopausal women has become a popular alternative to traditional synthetic conjugated equine estrogen and progestin hormone replacement therapy due to safety concerns raised by recent studies. However, due to the lack of randomized, large-scale trials to evaluate the efficacy and side-effect profile of compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy many healthcare providers are reluctant to prescribe such therapy. The purpose of this study was to compare women’s menopausal symptom relief and side effects experienced when using compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and traditional hormone replacement therapy. A descriptive comparative design was used. Inferential and descriptive statistical procedures including a paired difference t -test, two-sample t -test, and f tests (percentage, mean, standard deviation, frequency) were run on the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. The framework used to guide this study was Lenz and Pugh’s Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms. Surveys were distributed once to a convenient sample of women aged 35 and older when they dropped off or picked up their prescriptions at a pharmacy. Of the 216 surveys distributed, 70 were returned from those women taking compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and 53 from traditional hormone replacement therapy. The survey contained 15 questions pertaining to age, duration of hormone replacement therapy, type and formulation of hormone replacement therapy, reasons for initiating hormone replacement therapy, symptoms before and one month after hormone replacement therapy, and side effects related to hormone replacement therapy. The results of this study will be summarized in forthcoming articles in this series.

Related Keywords: Laura J. Deleruyelle, MSN, ARNP-BC, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, synthetic equine estrogen and progestin hormone replacement therapy, BHRT, menopause, drug safety, side effects, Lenz and Pugh theory of unpleasant symptoms, survey , Women's Health Initiative, WHI, Postmenopausal Estrogen/Progestin Intervention trial, PEPI, nurse practitioners, popular beliefs, progesterone, health-related quality of life, well-being, breast cancer, depression, functional status, exercise, smoking, body weight, literature review


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