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Intravenous Admixture Preparation Considerations, Part 7: Stability Issues

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2020 - Volume 24, Number 6
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Abstract:  Preparation of intravenous admixtures is a critical component of pharmaceutical compounding, especially in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In addition to the considerations already covered in this series, stability is very important to ensure the patient receives the appropriate intact and effective drug and dictates the quantity that can be prepared in advance and how long the admixture can be stored and administered effectively. This article discusses the different issues involved in the stability of intravenous admixtures and methods of avoiding instability issues.

Related Keywords: Loyd V. Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh, intravenous drug admixtures, chemical stability, physical stability, microbiological stability, instability, compatibility, incompatibility, parenteral preparations, antioxidants, chelating agents, synergists, hydrolysis, oxidation, photolysis, reduction, complexation, preservatives, surfactants, suspending agents, solvents, polymorphs, crystallization, vaporization, adsorption, large-volume parenteral containers, small-volume parenteral containers, ready-to-use parenteral products, storage conditions, shelf life, Q10 method, beyond-use dates


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