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Developing a Niche Marketing Strategy

Author(s):  Storey Patricia L

Issue:  May/Jun 2008 - Pain Management
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Abstract:  Most compounding practices have various subspecialties such as compounding/consultations for hormone replacement, pain management, or veterinary compounding. When developing a marketing strategy, it may be beneficial to concentrate on one specialty each month; as when one makes repeated presentations on the same topic, each presentation becomes easier and smoother. Once you have decided on a marketing approach, the same plan can be applied to target various specialties. To build confidence when initiating a marketing program, target a specialty that has a compounding advantage that is readily apparent and easy to explain. Pain management is an area in which the benefits of compounded mediations are well documented in the medical literature.

Related Keywords: Patricia L. Storey, RPh, FACA, pain management, analgesia, analgesics, pharmacy marketing


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