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Feline Ophthalmic Disease: Feline Herpesvirus and Systemic Hypertension

Author(s):  Davidson Michael G

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2001 - Compounding for Animals
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Abstract:  The purpose of this article is to provide the compounding pharmacist with an overview of two ocular diseases that commonly affect cats and to describe the medications used in therapy. The author discusses feline herpesvirus-1 and systemic hypertension. A table provides selected drug therapies for feline conjunctivitis and keratitis, and a sidebar provides information regarding quinolone-induced blindness. In summary, four of the seven therapies for treating feline herpesvirus-related conjunctivitis and keratitis are commercially unavailable; and the therapy for feline hypertension is appropriate only for human dosing, so compounded dosage forms must often be used. Understanding ocular pharmacology and the underlying causes of feline ophthalmic disease can help the compounding pharmacist become integrally involved in feline care and can contribute to positive therapeutic outcomes and an increased quality of life for the patient.

Related Keywords: cat, eye disease, feline, feline conjunctivitis, feline herpesvirus, herpesvirus, keratitis, ophthalmic disease, systemic hypertension

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