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Environmental Sensitivities: Interview with Liliane J. Bartha, MD and Randy Mentzer, RPh

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1998 - Environmental Compounds
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Page(s):  409-410

Environmental Sensitivities: Interview with Liliane J. Bartha, MD and Randy Mentzer, RPh Page 1
Environmental Sensitivities: Interview with Liliane J. Bartha, MD and Randy Mentzer, RPh Page 2

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Abstract:  Liliane J. Bartha, MD, has been involved in the diagnosis and treatment of environmentally related illness since 1989. Randy Mentzer, RPh, has been working in environmental compounding for 2 to 3 years. This interview includes questions regarding environmentally sensitive patients, common offending agents, common symptoms, activities of compounding pharmacists when working with physicians and this type of patient and low-level exposures, among other topics.

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