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Patient Information

Handouts, fliers, posters, articles and other material made available for pharmacist to use in educating their patients.

Cancer Glossaries
Download these free glossaries that can be reprinted for your patients. Each one covers a different aspect of cancer and has a helpful explanation of terms. Feel free to copy and distribute as needed!

Cancer-Related Healthcare Terms (Adobe .PDF, 61 Kb)
Forms of Cancer (Adobe .PDF, 50 Kb)
Cancer Types Most Prevelant in Children (Adobe .PDF, 69 Kb)
Cancer-Related Physicians, Surgeons, and Other Healthcare Team Members (Adobe .PDF, 49 Kb)
Cancer-Related Surgeries (Adobe .PDF, 48 Kb)
Cancer-Related Procedures, Therapy, and Treatments (Adobe .PDF, 121 Kb)

Unapproved Drugs List
This document contains a list of drugs that have not been approved by the FDA. It can be downloaded, printed, and displayed in your pharmacy.

Unapproved Drugs List
Click to download the Unapproved Drugs List (Adobe .PDF, 1,622 Kb).  

Diaper Rash Handout
A single-page resource of common sense reminders and treatments for diaper rash.

Diaper Rash Handout (Adobe .PDF, 540 Kb)