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High-tech Compounding: State-of-the-art Equipment Improves Products and Profit

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2001 - High-Tech Compounding
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Abstract:  One of the greatest assets in the compounder’s armamentarium is equipment. This article features state-of-the-art technology essential for the compounding practice of the future: the Jaansun Capsule Machine, Tube Sealer/Vacuum Pump, Countertop High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, Computerized Electronic Mortar and Pestle, Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance, Exakt 50 Ointment Mill, T 25 Ultra-Turrax Homogenizer, PyroTest Endotoxin Detection Kit, STAT System, All-Plastic Disposable Oral Syringes, Professional SureCap IV Capping, and Filling and Sealing Technology. Information is provided regarding basic specifications and features. Contact information for suppliers is also provided.

Related Keywords: Air filter, HEPA, Balance, precision, Ohaus, Capping, filling, sealing, for respiratory medication, Capsule machine, Jaansun, Electronic Mortar and Pestle, Equipment, for compounding, EXAKT 50 ointment mill, HEPA air filter, Homogenizer, T 25 Ultra-Turrax, Jaansun Capsule Machine, Mortar and pestle, electronic, Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance, Ointment mill, EXAKT 50, Oral syringes, disposable, Respiratory therapy, STAT System, STAT System, for respiratory therapy, Sure Cap IV, Syringes, disposable oral, T 25 Ultra-Turrax Homogenizer, TubeSealer/Vacuum Pump

Related Categories: BUSINESS, TECHNOLOGY

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