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Cross-contamination in Porcelain Mortars

Author(s):  Bauer-Brandl Annette, Falck Astrid, Ingebrigtsen Lars, Nilsen Cathrina

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2001 - High-Tech Compounding
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Abstract:  Porcelain mortars and pestles are frequently used to comminute drug substances on a small scale and (in some cases) in the production of liquid and semisolid suspensions. Although it is generally accepted that removal of a drug substance from a rough surface by rinsing may be difficult and may lead to cross-contamination, no hard data support that theory. In this study, the amount of salicylic acid remaining on a porcelain mortar after different washing procedures was quantified and compared with the amount remaining on a plastic mortar. Drug residues in the “mg” range on the porcelain mortars made common rinsing procedures appear inappropriate, but no traces of drug were detected on plastic mortars. In addition, the quality of suspension ointments with respect to particle size and homogeneity produced by the two types of mortars was compared. Porcelain and plastic mortars appeared equally suitable for use in the production of semisolid suspensions.

Related Keywords: Porcelain mortars, cross-contamination in


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