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Cleaning and Disinfection

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2002 - Sterile Preparations and Pediatric Compounding
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Page(s):  466-467

Cleaning and Disinfection Page 1
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Cleaning and Disinfection
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2002
Pg. 466-467

Efficacy of an Automated Robotic Cleaning Device for Compounding Pharmacies
Polonini Hudson
, Dijkers Eli CF, Ferreira Anderson O, da Silva Sharlene L, Araújo Paulo Victor C, Koulouridas Savvas
Sep/Oct 2020
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Is Your Cleanroom Clean? An In-depth Look at Cleaning and Disinfecting Agents, Procedures, and Requirements for the Compounding Pharmacist
Jeffrey Megan
Mar/Apr 2006
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Standard Operating Procedure for Cleaning Glassware
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2000
Pg. 144

Standard Operating Procedure: Incubator Cleaning
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2003
Pg. 370-371

Evaluation of the Efficacy and Superiority of Different Vial Rubber Closure Disinfection Techniques
Bjornstad Matthew
, Kosinski Tracy, Burlage Robert
Sep/Oct 2020
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Effectiveness of a New Ultraviolet C Disinfection System to Inactivate Airborne Coronavirus in Different Environmental Conditions
Marianni Bruna
, Polonini Hudson
Sep/Oct 2022
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Cleaning of Isolators: A Vital Part of a Contamination Control Program
Rossington Karen
Nov/Dec 2004
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Quality Control: Glassware Washers: Cleaning Glassware and Implements Used in Compounding, Part 1
Zatarski Monica
, Nolan Odette, Corbetti Reto
Jul/Aug 2012
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Quality Control: Glassware Washers: Cleaning Glassware and Implements Used in Compounding, Part 2
James Kate
, Van Houtte Olivier, Ruriani Deborah, Nolan Odette, Corbetti Reto
Sep/Oct 2012
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Acidified Sodium Hypochlorite for Antisepsis and Disinfection
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2009
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Benzalkonium Chloride 1:750 Solution for Cold Disinfection
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2002
Pg. 448

Standard Operating Procedure: Refrigerator—Installation,Maintenance, Cleaning, and Power Interruptions
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2007
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Standard Operating Procedure: Vial Crimper--Use, Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2007
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Safer Sterile Compounding: Choosing and Using Disinfectants for the Cleanroom
Kastango Eric S
, Douglass Kate, Patel Kedar, Givehchi Babak, Brister Paul, Postlewaite Jay, Taraban Laura
Jul/Aug 2015
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Standard Operating Procedure: Denver Instrument Company M-120 Analytical Balance--Calibration, Cleaning, and Use
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2005
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Cleaning, Inspecting and Flow-Accuracy Testing of Ambulatory Pumps
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 1997
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Tannic Acid Cleaning Liquid
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 1998
Pg. 444

Basics of Compounding: Implementing United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <1163> Quality Assurance in Pharmaceutical Compounding, Part 4: Cleaning and Packaging
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2012
Pg. 405-414

Basics of Compounding: Considerations for Implementing United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding--Sterile Preparations, Part 6: 2008 Revisions to Chapter <797>
Allen Loyd V Jr
, Okeke Claudia C
Mar/Apr 2008
Pg. 136-144

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