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TPN Bulk Compounding from Bulk Drug Substances

Author(s):  Chamallas Stanley N

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1998 - Parenteral Nutrition Solutions
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Page(s):  347-349

TPN Bulk Compounding from Bulk Drug Substances Page 1
TPN Bulk Compounding from Bulk Drug Substances Page 2
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Abstract:  Bulk total parenteral nutrition compounding is the process whereby a patient’s entire prescription is prepared in one vessel rather than by one unit at a time. In this discussion, the author covers methodology, compounding of total parenteral nutrition, filling the bags, quality control of the compounded product, facility and equipment. Tables provide information regarding equipment for use in bulk compounding of total parenteral nutrition solutions, sample supplies required for bulk compounding of these solutions, and example standard operating procedures for aseptic bulk compounding of total parenteral nutrition solutions. The author concludes that bulk compounding of total parenteral nutrition solutions can be accomplished if great attention is paid to details. The large volume of some facilities requires bulk compounding to speed the delivery of total parenteral nutrition solutions to all patients served. Bulk compounding provides for more uniform preparation of products, while allowing for patient individuality.

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