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The Feasibility and Benefits of TPN in Horses: A Review of the Findings

Author(s):  Paoletti James E, Downing Dee, Tormo Vicente J

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1998 - Parenteral Nutrition Solutions
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Page(s):  351-353

The Feasibility and Benefits of TPN in Horses: A Review of the Findings Page 1
The Feasibility and Benefits of TPN in Horses: A Review of the Findings Page 2
The Feasibility and Benefits of TPN in Horses: A Review of the Findings Page 3

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Abstract:  The authors discuss the use of total parenteral nutrition therapy in the equine practice, research in this area, indications and the model. Tables provide information regarding essential nutrient components of parenteral nutrition solutions, daily calorie and protein requirements, daily parenteral electrolyte and trace metal requirements and model parenteral nutrition formulation. The authors conclude that the use of parenteral nutrition in neonatal intensive care in the 1980s allowed increased survival rates. In addition, it provided a means of allowing more normal weight and growth. The research done in this area in the 1980s shows that the salvage rate of foals greatly increased, and the hospital stays and costs of treatment decreased. This research indicates that total parenteral nutrition for horses could be feasible and beneficial; and that it could be an important aspect of veterinary care for the compounding pharmacist.

Related Keywords: Veterinary, Animals


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