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Feline Urologic Syndrome and Diet Formulation

Author(s):  Long Scott F

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1999 - Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Page(s):  366-367

Feline Urologic Syndrome and Diet Formulation Page 1
Feline Urologic Syndrome and Diet Formulation Page 2

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Abstract:  Feline urologic syndrome is a relatively common occurrence in cats. This discussion focuses on symptoms, treatment, feline nutrition, the feline urologic syndrome diet and discussion of the diet. The diet described is low in magnesium, which greatly reduces the risk of stone formation in cats that have previously suffered from urolithiasis and/or have been diagnosed with feline urologic syndrome. It provides the necessary nutrients that ensure feline health and may be prepared relatively inexpensively.

Related Keywords: antibiotic, cat food, cats, cystitis/urethritis, diet, electrolytes, feline health, feline urologic syndrome, hematuria, magnesium, nutrition, obesity, polyuria, renal stones, taurine, thiamine, urolithiasis, vitamin E

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