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Compounding for Athletes: Successful Sports Compounds

Author(s):  Hudson Sonora

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1999 - Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
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Page(s):  382-383

Compounding for Athletes: Successful Sports Compounds Page 1
Compounding for Athletes: Successful Sports Compounds Page 2

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Abstract:  Compounding pharmacists working with athletes, athletic teams and sports medicine practices report favorable responses from patients and team personnel – along with favorable outcomes – with compounds such as topical muscle relaxants, transdermal gels, sprays and ointments for pain relief, ultrasound gels and iontophoresis solutions. However, many practices are also supplying compounds to meet certain very specialized needs of athletes. And some are taking a comprehensive approach to treatment that covers all the bases to get and keep athletes in good health. This article features five pharmacists who are having noticeable success with sports compounds. A list of typical compounds being used to treat athletes is also provided.

Related Keywords: acyclovir "lipstick", arthritis, athletes, iontophoresis, sports pharmacy, topical muscle relaxants, ultrasound gels


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