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HRT and the Continuing Education of Health Care Professionals

Author(s):  Boomsma Diane

Issue:  Jan/Feb 1998 - Hormone Replacement
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Page(s):  18-19

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Abstract:  The author recounts a personal experience attending a continuing education program about hormone replacement therapy at a local hospital, when a visiting physician focused on the use of synthetic hormones. Although the author was disappointed by the speaker’s presentation, she was still able to benefit from the experience: she took names of physicians and nurses that asked questions about bioidentical hormones and later approached them with an offer to come by and answer their questions. She also describes approaching physicians through patients. She is often asked to provide information to the whole staff of an office and has developed a lecture that takes an hour (and she describes its content). She also provides consultations for patients, which she feels is an excellent way to assist physicians and become a valuable member of the health-care team.


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