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Author(s):  Prince Shelly J

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2001 - Compounding for Pediatric Patients
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Page(s):  78

Calculations Page 1

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Abstract:  The reader is shown how to perform calculations to solve six problems. The first shows how to calculate the doses of Avapro for a 7-year-old child given his/her age and height, how many milliliters of the suspension should be given to the child per dose and how many Avapro 300-mg tablets would be needed to prepare 90 mL of the suspension. The second shows how to determine whether a child has ingested a toxic dose of a drug. The third involves a formulation for an ointment and shows how to calculate the quantity of each ingredient that would be needed to prepare 500 g of the ointment mixture and the quantity of zinc oxide present in 500 g of the ointment. The fourth shows how to calculate how many drops of a medication would be required (administered by a certain-size dropper). The fifth shows how to calculate the quantity of water that should be added to change the concentration of a suspension to a specified concentration. The sixth shows how to calculate the ratio strength of an ingredient in a trituration.

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