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Author(s):  Prince Shelly J

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1999 - Compounding Parenteral Products
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Page(s):  311

Calculations Page 1

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Abstract:  The reader is shown how to perform calculations for four problems. The first involves a pediatric infusion of potassium and shows how to calculate the infusion rate of a certain amount of a certain percentage solution that has been diluted. The second shows how to calculate the quantity of Decadron injectable solution that would be needed to fill an order to add 15 mg of the drug to an intravenous solution. The third involves an order to add potassium chloride to a patient’s intravenous solution and shows how to calculate the quantity of potassium chloride that should be added to the existing intravenous fluid to achieve the ordered concentration, how to calculate the quantity of an injection containing 2 mEq of potassium chloride/milliliter that should be used to supply the amount of potassium chloride needed, and the osmolarity of the infusion with the potassium chloride added. The fourth shows how to calculate the number of drops/minute of an intravenous infusion containing cytarabine 100 mg/L that should be given if the infusion set delivers a specified number of drops/milliliter.

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