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Parenteral Admixture Incompatibilities:An Introduction

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  May/Jun 1997 - Geriatric Care
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Page(s):  165-167

Parenteral Admixture Incompatibilities:An Introduction Page 1
Parenteral Admixture Incompatibilities:An Introduction Page 2
Parenteral Admixture Incompatibilities:An Introduction Page 3

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Abstract:  This article begins with a discussion of the complexities involved with trying to determine the stability of parenteral admixtures, which may involve a staggering number of combinations of parenteral products. It goes on to discuss therapeutic, physical and chemical incompatibilities; factors involved in incompatibilities (pH, solubility, concentration, complexation and light); stability; tips for minimizing the incidence of incompatibilities and alternate administration techniques. A table provides information regarding general guidelines concerning pH.

Related Keywords: Incompatibilities, IV, Solubility, Concentration, Complexation


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