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Capsule-Weighing and Trituration Calculations

Author(s):  Newton David W

Issue:  May/Jun 2001 - The Business of Compounding
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Page(s):  192-194

Capsule-Weighing and Trituration Calculations Page 1
Capsule-Weighing and Trituration Calculations Page 2
Capsule-Weighing and Trituration Calculations Page 3

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Abstract:  The accuracy of weighing compounded capsules depends on the sensitivity of the balance and the care and skill of the person using it. The author provides instructions and example calculations for determining the weights of actives and diluent powders for one trituration for a top-loading electronic balance and the same information for a two-trituration procedure. Instructions for calculating actives and diluent powder amounts in capsules using manufactured dosage forms as sources of active drug are also provided.

Related Keywords: Trituration, capsules, Weighing, capsules

Related Categories: SUPPORT

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