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IJPC Compounders' Network List Archives

The Compounders' Network List server keeps an archive of all messages sent through the list. The archive can be viewed in date order, by poster, or searched for messages containing keywords in the body or the subject.

Follow these instructions to access the Compounders' Network List archive pages.

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Click on the 2nd item - Online Mailing List Archive. This will bring up a list of the mailing lists hosted by our server. There is only one - NETWORK.

3. Click on the link for NETWORK to see the monthly archive listing. This has a link for each month back to May 2003 for which we have archives. At the top, there is also a link for searching the archives.

4. Click a month to see a full listing of messages for that month. Click the search link to search the list by keyword, author, time sent, etc. See the detailed instructions for searching the archives, below.

5. If you are NOT logged into the list server, you will be presented with the login screen. Enter your email address that is subscribed to the list and your password for your account. If you do not have a password or do not remember your password, see step five under the Getting a Password section, below.

6. There should be an screen saying that your password has been saved. Click the "Click here to continue" link to go to the page you selected - either a monthly listing or the search screen.

If you do not yet have a password for the list server, do the following. A password will allow you to read the list archives, change the format of the mail messages being sent to you, set your account to digest mode, or tell the system to temporarily stop sending messages to you.

1. Open a web browser and go to

2. Click on the 2nd item - Online Mailing List Archive.

3. Click on the link for NETWORK to see the monthly archive listing.

4. Click on a month in the archive listing. If you are NOT logged into the list server, you will be presented with the login screen.

5. Click on the "get a new LISTSERV password" link near the end of the top paragraph

6. In the new password screen, enter the email address with which you are subscribed to the list and to which list is sending emails. Then enter a password in the password field, and the same password (for verification) in the second password field. Click the submit button.

7. A screen titled "Confirmation E-Mailed" should appear. The list server will now send an email the address you entered to confirm that you use that email address. This email will be titled "Command confirmation request..." followed by an identification code.

8. When you receive the email, click the link or copy-paste it into your web browser address bar and submit it. This will confirm the password change and activate the new password. You may now log into the list server.

You may search for messages in the archives by date, author, keyword and other criteria.

1. Follow the instructions above for accessing the web archives and navigate to the search screen.

2. There are two screens that allow the archives to be searched - a basic search screen and an advanced search screen. The advanced screen allow more options for customizing the search parameters and display, while the basic screen is easier to use. You may wish to try the basic screen first.

  1. The basic search is accessed from the link titled "Search the archives" at the top of the main section of the archives listing page.
  2. The advanced search is access from the link titled "Archive Search" in the menu located on the left side of the main archive listing page and other pages.

3. Basic Search - You may search by doing any combination of the following:

  1. Enter keyword(s) in the "Search For" field. This will search the entire text of the messages.
  2. Enter keyword(s) in the "Subject" fields. This only searches the message subject.
  3. Enter an email address of an author.
  4. Enter dates for searching since or until. To find only messages sent in 2007, enter "1 Jan 2007" in the "Since" field. NOTE - the date field does NOT accept U.S. date format of MM/DD/YY. Click the "(date/time)" for acceptable date formats.

You may change the order in which the results are displayed using the options from the "Sort By" drop-down selection at the bottom of the screen.

4. Advanced Search - In the advanced search screen, parameters will be displayed in the left menu area and the main section of the screen will have detailed instructions and a list of mailing list in which to search. To use this effectively:

  1. Scroll down and click the "NETWORK" checkbox beneath the instructions section. This tells the system to search the network list.
  2. Check the "Complete Search" box at the bottom of the parameters field on the left side of the screen. This ensures that the system sorts ALL of the messages and THEN displays the first results page.
  3. Enter search parameters in the fields on the left side of the screen. Most of these are the sam as the basic search so see their descriptions above.

5. Search Results - Once you have submitted your search, an index of matching messages will be displayed as a table.

  1. Click the item number to see the full message.
  2. The basic search will only return 50 matching messages.
  3. In the advanced search, see the next batch of matching messages by using the page links at the top of the message index table. They will look like "[1] [2] [Next]"