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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Takes Aim at Compounded Thyroid Hormone
Brunner Scott
Jan/Feb 2023
Pg. 22-23

The FDA is in a Hole. It Should Stop Digging.
Brunner Scott
Sep/Oct 2022
Pg. 396-398

Three Things You Need to Know Right Now
Brunner Scott
May/Jun 2022
Pg. 211-213

Everything Old is New Again
Brunner Scott
Jan/Feb 2022
Pg. 30-32

It's Time for a New Philosophy
Brunner Scott
Sep/Oct 2021
Pg. 386-387

A Permanent Path for Urgent-use Compounding? APC-supported Legislation Would Allow 503As to Fill Gaps in Coverage When 503Bs Cannot
Brunner Scott
Jul/Aug 2021
Pg. 296-297

FDA-funded Report on Compounded Hormones is Tainted, Analysis Shows
Brunner Scott
May/Jun 2021
Pg. 206-209

Finally: A Final U.S. Food and Drug Administration Memorandum of Understanding, but It's Flawed
Brunner Scott
Jul/Aug 2020
Pg. 296-297

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Takes Aim (Again) at Animal Compounding: Draft Guidance for Industry #256 Lacks Authority, Will Increase Costs, and Put Pets at Risk
Brunner Scott
May/Jun 2020
Pg. 198-199

A "North Star" for Pharmacy Compounders
Brunner Scott
Mar/Apr 2020
Pg. 110-113

New and Improved!
Brunner Scott
Jan/Feb 2020
Pg. 28-29

Are You Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?
Brunner Scott
Nov/Dec 2019
Pg. 462-464

Threading the Needle
Brunner Scott
Sep/Oct 2019
Pg. 383-385

Now Is the Time for All Good Compounders to Come to the Aid of Their Profession: What You Do Right Now to Advance Compounding's Advocacy Priorities Can Help Assure Your Profession's Future
Brunner Scott
Jul/Aug 2019
Pg. 294-296

Can We Fix It?
Brunner Scott
May/Jun 2019
Pg. 208-209