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PostScription: Lifelong Learning + Technology = Valuable Tools for the Compounding Pharmacist

Author(s):  Letendre William R

Issue:  Nov/Dec 2001 - High-Tech Compounding
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Abstract:  Online education will become an extremely valuable tool in enhancing compounding pharmacy skill sets; and video and audio enhancements have greatly improved online learning for students and offer teachers some flexibility in designing programs. However, using the Internet for lifelong learning requires one to be able to evaluate a website. Key factors in determining the validity of information include identifying the author and sponsoring organization. One should also notice whether information concurs with currently accepted views, as well as whether it can be corroborated and is based on fact or opinion. Sites should be easily navigable and have reliable links. Characteristics of bad websites are listed. The author concludes that compounding pharmacists should use web-based education, but only via online education programs that have noted authors and reputable sponsoring organizations.

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