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Some Quality Control Tests on Chromium Picolinate in Solid Dosage Forms

Author(s):  Al-Achi Antoine, Greenwood Robert, Beasley Shawn

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1997 - Home Health Care
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Abstract:  Today many people are using supplemental food products such as vitamins and minerals to enhance their diets. Chromium picolinate is a compound claimed to be beneficial in controlling serum cholesterol and insulin levels. Several brands of chromium picolinate are available on the market. We chose three commercial sources and a single batch of capsules extemporaneously prepared for pharmaceutical quality control tests. We conducted content determination, weight variation, hardness, thickness, disintegration, dissolution, and friability tests on chromium picolinate tablets; the tests performed on capsules were content determination, weight variation and dissolution. The three brands of tablets tested showed significant differences in several test results. This indicates that brands of chromium picolinate are not interchangeable, and that patients using them should be advised of this finding. However, the pharmaceutical profile of extemporaneously prepared capsules was similar to that of the best commercially available tablets tested in this study.


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