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Ophthalmic Solutions in Cataract Surgery

Author(s):  Anderson Nicole J, Edelhauser Henry F

Issue:  May/Jun 1998 - Compounding Ophthalmics
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Page(s):  196-202

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Abstract:  In this article, the authors, affiliated with the Department of Ophthalmology at Emory University School of Medicine, discuss the corneal endothelium, preservatives, irrigating solutions, viscoelastics and anesthetics. Tables provide information regarding corneal endothelial cell longevity, chemical composition of various intraocular irrigating solutions, composition of Human Aqueous Humor, BSS Intraocular Irrigating Solution and BSS Plus Intraocular Irrigation Solution, and irrigating solution in the postoperative eye. The authors conclude that intraocular medications and solutions are an integral component of ocular surgery and that exposure of the sensitive interior ocular tissues to these solutions raises issues of formulation and toxicity. The formulation of nonpreserved, detergent-free solutions is crucial; and the ionic composition, pH and osmolality of irrigating solutions must closely resemble the aqueous humor to prevent intraocular toxicity.

Related Keywords: Batadine, Corneal, Endothelium, Epinephrine, Glutathione, Hibiclens, Lavacol, Phisohex, Visceolastics

Related Categories: OPHTHALMICS

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