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Returning to our Roots

Author(s):  Simmons Chris

Issue:  May/Jun 1999 - Compounding for Animals
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Abstract:  The author recounts his personal experiences on expeditions to the Amazon, which he says have become a very educational, timely and effective marketing tool for his compounding and natural pharmacy concept. In June 1995 he talked his employer and a local travel agency into sponsoring his participation in a trip to the Amazon that was cosponsored by the Texas Pharmacy Foundation, the American Botanical Council and International Expeditions. When he returned from the first expedition, articles about him and his trip made the front page of two local newspapers. An article also made it into the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He was deluged with invitations to give talks to groups for the next year and a half, and he even addressed the local country veterinary society. He now figures that he has given about 80 presentations, at all of which he has been able to talk about the pharmacy and compounding activities. He concludes that marketing comes in many forms, but all have a common purpose – to draw interest. Figuring out how to draw attention or interest may be the only missing part of a practice.

Related Keywords: natural medicine, natural pharmacy, veterinary compounding, exotics

Related Categories: HISTORY

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