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Irrigation with Piperacillin for the Treatment of Bladder Infection: A Case Study

Author(s):  Curtis Larry, Biundo Bruce

Issue:  May/Jun 2001 - The Business of Compounding
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Abstract:  This case report describes the successful treatment of a bladder infection in a terminally ill patient. Therapy involved the use of a compounded formulation delivered via an unconventional delivery method (irrigation). For 5 days, 50 mL piperacillin 500 mg/50 mL was administered by direct infusion into the bladder twice daily. The patient experienced no further discomfort associated with bladder or urinary tract infection, and symptoms did not reappear for 2 months. In select cases, administration of antibiotics directly into the bladder should be considered a viable treatment option.

Related Keywords: Bladder infection, treatment of, piperacillin, Piperacillin, for bladder infection


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