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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, Inc. (IJPC, Inc.)
Material printed in IJPC, RxTriad and VetRxTriad is covered by copyright, with all rights reserved. As provided by U.S. copyright law, no part of these publications may be reproduced, displayed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or by any information storage or retrieval system, without prior written permission from IJPC, Inc.

Article Reprints
IJPC, Inc. can provide high quality reprints of specific articles in black and white or color, single-page, double-page, or saddle-back stitching. IJPC, Inc. does not grant permissions for an article reprint of greater than 10 copies (total) to be copied by a subscriber or non-subscriber. However,

  • All corporate, non-corporate, for-profit and non-profit entities can purchase high quality reprints if greater than 10 copies (total) through IJPC, Inc.
  • IJPC, Inc. can provide you with a professional reprint quote, after you have filled out the reprint quote request form and follow the submittal instructions on the form.

Use of Content In Another Form of a Publication
Permission for use of IJPC, RxTriad or VetRxTriad content in another form of a publication (e.g., newsletter, textbook, manual, journal/magazine, etc.), will be considered on an individual basis only and if granted there may be a permission fee. Fill out the content use permission request form and follow the submittal instructions on the form.

Use of IJPC Articles, RxTriad or VetRxTriad on non-IJPC, Inc. Web Sites
IJPC, Inc. allows links to abstracts and summaries of IJPC articles hosted at to be placed on other web sites. Subscribers to IJPC can login and read the full article. Others may purchase and download digital copies in PDF format using a credit card for $25.

IJPC, Inc. does NOT allow copies of IJPC Articles, RxTriad or VetRxTriad to be stored on or served from non-IJPC web sites without prior written permission from IJPC, Inc.

IJPC, Inc. does NOT allow linking from other sites to copies of RxTriad or VetRxTriad on the IJPC web sites. Copies of RxTriad or VetRxTriad can be purchased by contacting us at or call 888-260-5415.

Use of Artwork
IJPC does NOT grant permissions for pieces of artwork from the cover or articles, independent of the article or issue, to be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

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