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Profile of a Practice/Patient Handout: DHE Nasal Spray

Author(s):  Thompson Neil

Issue:  Mar/Apr 1998 - Pain Management
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Page(s):  120

Profile of a Practice/Patient Handout: DHE Nasal Spray Page 1

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Abstract:  This profile features Neil Thompson, RPh, and Professional Compounding Pharmacy in Minneapolis, MN. A patient handout he developed with instructions for using DHE Nasal Spray is included. This is just one preparation that he and his staff prepare for migraine patients, who represent about one third of his practice. His marketing strategy involved making calls on four neurologists to describe his services. Word of mouth did the rest. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy represents another third of his business. Another third comes from veterinary compounding, mostly for cats. Overall, Thompson’s strategy has been to build a general compounding practice that is not dependent on specialties.

Related Categories: PAIN MANAGEMENT

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