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Mar/Apr 1998 - Pain Management

Mar/Apr 1998 - Pain Management (PDF)
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Individual Articles - Mar/Apr 1998 - Pain Management
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
Compounding for Pain Management Vidrine Eric Mar/Apr 1998 104-105 Buy
Opioids for Noncancer Pain: From Controversy to Consensus Spanos Alan Mar/Apr 1998 106-108 Buy
Phonophoresis with Hydrocortisone 10% in a Highly Viscous Complant Base Bailey Keith A Mar/Apr 1998 110 Buy
Managing Pain in the Terminally Ill Williams Clifford L Mar/Apr 1998 111-114 Buy
The Symptom Relief Kit for Hospice Patients Petrin Ronald L Mar/Apr 1998 116-117 Buy
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide and Opioid Tolerance: A Compounding Opportunity for Pharmacists with Chronic Pain Patients Kane Dana Lynn, Glasnapp Andrew Mar/Apr 1998 118-119 Buy
Profile of a Practice/Patient Handout: DHE Nasal Spray Thompson Neil Mar/Apr 1998 120 Buy
Clinical Application of Ketamine Ointment in the Treatment of Sympathetically Maintained Pain Crowley Kenton L, Flores John A, Hughes Christine N, Iacono Robert P Mar/Apr 1998 122-127 Buy
Firing an Employee - Without Getting Burned Davis Jeanie Lerche Mar/Apr 1998 130-133 Buy
Problems with Third-Party Payments for Compounded Prescriptions Heckman H Edward Mar/Apr 1998 134-136 Buy
The pH Value of Common Household Products Using Meters, Papers and Sticks Zuckerman Carole L, Nash Robert A Mar/Apr 1998 137-138 Buy
Accuracy in Prescriptions Compounded by Pharmacy Students Shrewsbury Robert P, Deloatch Kimberly H Mar/Apr 1998 139-142 Buy
Analgesic Medication Stick Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 144 Buy
Buprenorphine HCl 150-mcg/100 mcL Nasal Spray Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 145 Buy
Capsaicin 0.05% Topical Gel Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 146 Buy
Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate 1-mg/mL for Iontophoresis Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 147 Buy
Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide 30-mg and Morphine Sulfate 10-mg Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 148 Buy
Dihydroergotamine Mesylate 2.5-mg/mL Nasal Spray Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 149 Buy
Dihydroergotamine Mesylate 1-mg Troches Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 150 Buy
Ergotamine Tartrate, Caffeine, Hyoscyamine Sulfate and Pentobarbital Sodium Suppositories Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 151 Buy
Fentanyl 50-mcg Chewable Gummy Gels Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 152 Buy
Fentanyl 300-mcg/6-mL Inhalation Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 153 Buy
Ketoprofen 10%, Cyclobenzaprine 1% and Lidocaine 5% in Poloxamer Lecithin Organogel Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 154 Buy
Lidocaine 30% Lip Balm Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 155 Buy
Meperidine HCl 50-mg/mL Nasal Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 156 Buy
Morphine Sulfate 25-mg Troche Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 157 Buy
Sumatriptan 5-mg/mL Oral Liquid Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 158 Buy
Tetracaine HCl 1%, Epinephrine HCl 0.025% and Cocaine HCl 4% Topical Solution and Gel Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 159 Buy
Vehicles for Compounding Oral Liquids: Some Practical Considerations Palmer Henry A Mar/Apr 1998 160-161 Buy
Silicates: Attapulgite, Kaolin, Kieselguhr, Magnesium Trisilicate, Pumice, Talc - Featured Excipient: Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 162-164 Buy
Calculations Prince Shelly J Mar/Apr 1998 164 Buy
Class A Prescription Torsion Balance Performance Tests Allen Loyd V Jr Mar/Apr 1998 166-167 Buy
Stability of Milrinone Lactate 200 mcg/mL in 5% Dextrose Injection and 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection Wong Frances, Gill Mark A Mar/Apr 1998 168-169 Buy
Stability of Indomethacin in 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection Gupta Vishnu D, Maswoswe J Mar/Apr 1998 170-171 Buy
PostScription: Hey, Let's Work Together! Coffey Jack Mar/Apr 1998 176 Buy