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How to Handle a Product Recall

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Jul/Aug 2003 - After the Women's Health Initiative Trial
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Page(s):  292-293

How to Handle a Product Recall Page 1
How to Handle a Product Recall Page 2

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Abstract:  The purpose of this procedure is to provide an efficient method for handling and documenting recalls that involve commercial products, compounding ingredients and/or compounded preparations that do not meet their labeled claim. The procedure contains lines for the signature of the writer, and authorizer and implementation date and can be photocopied for insertion into a pharmacy book of standard operating procedures. A form to be inserted into the Documentation of Handling Log is also provided.

Related Keywords: Product recall, management of, Recall, of commercial products, Recall, of compounded preparations, Recall, of ingredients used in compounding, Standard operating procedure, product recall

Related Categories: SOPs, SUPPORT

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