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Transdermal Amlodipine Besylate in Lipoderm for the Treatment of Feline Hypertension: A Report of Two Cases

Author(s):  Mixon William, Helms Scott R

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2008 - Veterinary Compounding
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Abstract:  Primary hypertension may be more common in cats than prior research has indicated. Untreated feline hypertension damages organs nourished by a rich vascular supply, and kidney disease, ocular impairment, and cardiac irregularities can be caused by this silent and progressive disorder. The effects of hypertension can be minimized with treatment, however, and the long-acting dihydropyridine calcium antagonist amlodipine has been proven safe and effective in the management of high blood pressure in cats. Because anxiety can increase blood pressure even in normotensive cats, hypertensive feline patients must be protected as much as possible from the stress caused by forced medication. A compounded preparation of amlodipine in a transdermal gel can be easily applied to the feline pinna without subjecting the patient to the trauma of oral treatment. In this report, the potency and effectiveness of amlodipine besylate in Lipoderm transdermal gel for the treatment of feline hypertension are examined, and two case rep

Related Keywords: William Mixon, RPh, MS, FIACP, Scott R. Helms, DVM, Diplomate ABVP, feline primary hypertension, cats, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disorders, case reports, amlodipine besylate, antihypertensive agent, Lipoderm gel, transdermal administration, topical preparation, potency, veterinary medicine


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