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Parenteral Nutrition Equipment and Devices

Author(s):  Bertch Karen E

Issue:  Sep/Oct 1998 - Parenteral Nutrition Solutions
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Page(s):  338-341

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Abstract:  To prepare a safe, contaminant-free and sterile parenteral nutrition solution, an adequately equipped compounding facility is needed. In this article, the author discusses automated compounding devices (pros and cons and training and quality control), electronic infusion devices (stationary infusion pumps, ambulatory vs. stationary infusion pumps, enhancements to stationary infusion devices, ambulatory infusion pumps [therapy-specific ambulatory infusion devices, multiple-therapy infusion devices and advances]). Tables provide information regarding factors involved in selecting an infusion system, selected stationary infusion pumps for administering parenteral nutrition and ambulatory electronic infusion devices for administering parenteral nutrition solution. The author concludes that parenteral nutrition equipment and devices are, overall, an important component in the preparation and administration of parenteral nutrition solutions, respectively. It is important for healthcare professionals to keep up to date in this area.

Related Keywords: Hood, Laminar, Micromacro, Mixing devices, Nutrimix, Ph Meter


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