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Pharmaceutical Compounding Calculations

Author(s):  Tosh Erik

Issue:  May/Jun 2004 - Andropause
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Page(s):  203-205

Pharmaceutical Compounding Calculations Page 1
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Abstract:  Factors to consider when performing pharmaceutical calculations include actual assay value, moisture content and base vs. salt or ester. The author discusses each and provides a table listing commonly used active pharmaceutical ingredients with conversion equivalents. He concludes that proper calculations and use of the certificate of analysis provide one of the most important methods of ensuring that an extemporaneously compounded product meets the appropriate United States Pharmacopeia guidelines for accuracy of dose. It is likely that reports of compounded products failing to contain reported doses are due in part to improper calculation.

Related Keywords: Calculations, in pharmaceutical compounding, Conversion equivalents, for common active pharmaceutical ingredients, Tosh, Eric, RPh


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