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Barrier Isolators, Isolators, and Glove Boxes--What's the Difference?

Author(s):  Rahe Hank

Issue:  Jan/Feb 2005 - Sterile Preparations
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Abstract:  Whether we call the technology glove boxes, isolators, or barrier isolators depends on our level of understanding of the technology. The term “barrier isolator” indicates that we understand the needs of healthcare applications of the technology. Use of the term “glove boxes” indicates that we do not understand the importance of the ability to clean the internal environment and the importance of ergonomics for personnel interactions. Barrier/isolation technology is the most cost-effective system that maintains sterility-assurance levels of parenteral products while protecting pharmacists and technicians from hazardous drugs.

Related Keywords: Hank Rahe, BSIM, MSE, sterility assurance, occupational safety, ergonomics


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