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PreScription: Some of the Best Sermons are Lived, not Preached!

Author(s):  Allen Loyd V Jr

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2015 - Volume 19, Number 2
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Page(s):  92

PreScription: Some of the Best Sermons are Lived, not Preached! Page 1

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Related Keywords: Loyd V. Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh, gratitude, personal relationships

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PreScription: Some of the Best Sermons are Lived, not Preached!
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2015
Pg. 92

Rapid-Dissolve Technology: An Interview With Loyd V. Allen, Jr., PhD, RPh
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2003
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Allen Loyd V Jr
Jul/Aug 2023
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Mar/Apr 2004
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Bedside Manner: Not Just for Doctors Anymore
Cormier Mindy
Mar/Apr 2015
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Prevention Is the Best Medicine: Don J. Bottoni, RPh, FACA, FIACP
Bottoni Don J
Jan/Feb 2004
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Burke John
, Hill Jeff
Mar/Apr 2010
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PreScription: Not All Pharmacists Should Compound!
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2011
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Quality Control: Personal Protective Equipment for Use When Handling Hazardous Drugs
Dillon L R
Jan/Feb 2020
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PreScription: One Size Does Not Fit All!
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2020
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Basics of Compounding: The Revised "Not to Compound List"
Allen Loyd V Jr
Jan/Feb 2015
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Efforts to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse Should Not Limit Access to Compounded Pain Medications
Gilbert John A
Sep/Oct 2009
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PreScription: Healthcare Reform Is Not All That Is Happening in Washington
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PreScription: Third-party Inequities and Discrimination
Allen Loyd V Jr
Sep/Oct 2011
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Technology Spotlight: Automated Prescription-Dispensing Systems
Allen Loyd V Jr
Nov/Dec 2003
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Three Drug Stability Lives
Newton David W
May/Jun 2000
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Erratum: Allen LV Jr. Lidocaine hydrochloride 2%, misoprostol 0.0024%, and phenytoin 2% topical wound powder. IJPC 2004; 8(4): 298
Allen Loyd V Jr
Mar/Apr 2006
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PreScription: Greed Does Not Pay! Makena, Lucentis, and Others
Allen Loyd V Jr
May/Jun 2011
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PreScription: The International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists Remembers Evelyn Timmons, RPh, FIACP, and George Roentsch, RPh, FIACP
Karolchyk Scott
Jan/Feb 2012
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