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Mailing and Shipping Medication: Challenges and Solutions

Author(s):  Gever Marcy Portnoff

Issue:  Jul/Aug 1998 - Dermatology
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Page(s):  288-292

Mailing and Shipping Medication: Challenges and Solutions Page 1
Mailing and Shipping Medication: Challenges and Solutions Page 2
Mailing and Shipping Medication: Challenges and Solutions Page 3
Mailing and Shipping Medication: Challenges and Solutions Page 4
Mailing and Shipping Medication: Challenges and Solutions Page 5

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Abstract:  There are currently no established specific guidelines or practice standards covering the packaging of medications to be mailed or shipped to patients. In this discussion, the author covers new concepts from the United States Pharmacopeia, Inc. (controlled room temperature and mean kinetic temperature), anecdotal reports, compounded products: an additional challenge, tips on mailing or shipping medications, instructing patients about inspecting medications, temperature-monitoring devices, special shipping services, next steps and tips to follow before shipping.

Related Keywords: Temperature, Usp


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