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Jan/Feb 2016- Volume 20, Number 1

Jan/Feb 2016- Volume 20, Number 1 (PDF)
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Individual Articles - Jan/Feb 2016- Volume 20, Number 1
Title (Click for Abstract / Details) Author Issue Page View/Buy
PreScription: Starting Year 20! Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 4 Buy
Extemporaneous Compounding of Oral Acitretin Suspension for Pediatric Patient with Generalized Pustular Psoriasis Choo Winnie Jan/Feb 2016 6-10 Buy
Microbial Identification in Pharmaceutical Compounding Hyde Tiffany, Anstead James, Schade Lisa, Zellner James Jan/Feb 2016 13-18 Buy
Basic Principles of Lyophilization, Part 2 Akers Michael J Jan/Feb 2016 20-27 Buy
Performance Improvement in 503A Compounding Pharmacies: A Plan for Assessment, Implementation, and Sustained Success Pritchett Jon, Mixon William, O'Connell Kevin Jan/Feb 2016 29-36 Buy
Formulation and Stability of Solutions Akers Michael J Jan/Feb 2016 41-45 Buy
Calculations Stockton Shelly J Jan/Feb 2016 46 Buy
Aprepitant 80-mg Capsules Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 48 Buy
Aripiprazole 10-mg Oral Dissolving Tablets Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 49 Buy
Benzocaine 20%, Lidocaine 6%, and Tetracaine 4% in Lipoderm Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 50 Buy
Dexamethasone, Neomycin, and Polymyxin Ophthalmic Ointment Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 51 Buy
Mupirocin Calcium 2% Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 52 Buy
Resveratrol, Tocopherol Acetate, and Niacinamide Topical Gel-Cream Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 53 Buy
Thrombin 1,000 Units/mL Topical Solution, Sterile Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 54 Buy
Tropicamide 1% Ophthalmic Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 55 Buy
Vancomycin 5% and Amikacin 2% Ophthalmic Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 56 Buy
Voriconazole 10-mg/mL Ophthalmic Solution Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 2016 57 Buy
Antimicrobial Activity of Copaiba (Copaifera officinalis) and Pracaxi (Pentaclethra macroloba) Oils against Staphylococcus aureus: Importance in Compounding for Wound Care Guimarães Anna Luísa Aguiar, Cunha Elisa Alves, Matias Fernanda Oliveira, Garcia Patrícia Guedes, Danopoulos Panagiota, Swikidisa Rosita, Pinheiro Vanessa Alves, Nogueira Rodrigo José Lupatini Jan/Feb 2016 58-62 Buy
Validation of Ultraviolet-visible and High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Methods for the Determination of Sodium p-Aminosalicylate and m-Aminophenol in a New Pharmaceutical Formulation Hergert Lisandro Y, Ravetti Soledad, Mazzieri Maria R Jan/Feb 2016 63-70 Buy
A Novel Vehicle for Enhanced Drug Delivery Across the Human Nail for the Treatment of Onychomycosis Turner Rob, Weaver Sean, Caserta Francesco, Brown Marc B Jan/Feb 2016 71-80 Buy
Evaluation of the Stability of Mercaptopurine Suspension Compounded in a Commercial Vehicle and the Determination of an Appropriate Beyond-use Date Peacock Gina F, Sauvageot Jurgita, Hill Ashley, Killian Alyssa Jan/Feb 2016 81-85 Buy
PostScription: The Home Field Advantage Cabaleiro Joe Jan/Feb 2016 86-87 Buy