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Preparation and In Vitro Evaluation of a Pluronic Lecithin Organogel Containing Ricinoleic Acid for Transdermal Delivery Boddu Sai HS, Bonam Sindhu Prabha, Wei Yangjie, Alexander Kenneth May/Jun 2014 256-261 Buy
Comparing Suppository Mold Variability Which Can Lead to Dosage Errors for Suppositories Prepared with the Same or Different Molds Alexander Kenneth S, Baki Gabriella, Hart Christine, Hejduk Courtney, Chillas Stephanie Nov/Dec 2013 512-514 Buy
A New Proposal: Calculating Density Factors for Drugs Using Cocoa Butter as the Standard Walker Heather, Sridhar Vishak, Alexander Kenneth S Nov/Dec 2011 510-514 Buy
Proteins Used as Sweeteners Li Xiaojian, Alexander Kenneth S Nov/Dec 2007 476-481 Buy
Stability of an Extemporaneously Compounded Propylthiouracil Suspension Alexander Kenneth S, Mitra Pallabi Jan/Feb 2005 82-86 Buy
Extemporaneous Formulation and Stability Testing of Mexiletine HCl Solution Alexander Kenneth S, Kaushik Sarita Mar/Apr 2004 147-152 Buy
Formulation and Accelerated Stability Studies for an Extemporaneous Suspension of Amiodarone Hydrochloride Alexander Kenneth S, Thyangarajapuram N Sep/Oct 2003 389-393 Buy
Formulation Development and Stability Testing of Extemporaneous Suspension Prepared From Dapsone Tablets Kaila Nitin, El-Ries Mohamed, Riga A, Alexander Kenneth S, Dollimore D May/Jun 2003 233-239 Buy
Analysis of Extemporaneous Alprostadil Formulations Sarver Jeffrey G, Peng Ning, Lerdkanchanaporn Supaporn, Oravecz-Wilson Katherine, Alexander Kenneth S, Erhardt Paul W Mar/Apr 1999 148-155 Buy
Stability of Magnesium Sulfate in 0.9% Sodium Chloride and Lactated Ringers Solutions Sarver Jeffrey G, Pryka Randy, Alexander Kenneth S, Weinstein Louis, Erhardt Paul W Sep/Oct 1998 385-388 Buy
Paper-Folding Techniques for Compounded, Individualized Powder Dosage Forms Alexander Kenneth S, Li Chongua Sep/Oct 1997 340-342 Buy
The Formulation Development and Stability of Spironolactone Suspension Alexander Kenneth S, Vangala Shyam Sundar KS, White Donald B, Dollimore David May/Jun 1997 195-199 Buy
The Formulation Development and Stability of Metronidazole Suspension Alexander Kenneth S, Vangala Shyam Sundar KS, Dollimore David May/Jun 1997 200-205 Buy
Stability of Allopurinol Suspension Compounded from Tablets Alexander Kenneth S, Davar Nipun, Parker Gordon A Mar/Apr 1997 128-131 Buy
Stability of an Extemporaneously Formulated Levothyroxine Sodium Syrup Compounded from Commercial Tablets Alexander Kenneth S, Kothapalli Madhu R, Dollimor David Jan/Feb 1997 60-63 Buy