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Effect of Fat Emulsion and Supersaturation in Parenteral Nutrition Admixtures Fausel Christopher A, Newton David W, Driscoll David F, Allen Loyd V Jr Jan/Feb 1997 54-59 Buy
Proposed Revisions to USP Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding--Sterile Preparations Newton David W Mar/Apr 2005 127-130 Buy
Maillard Reactions in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Human Health Newton David W Jan/Feb 2011 32-40 Buy
Drug Compatibility and Stability in Dextrose vs Saline Newton David W May/Jun 2011 190-192 Buy
The ps in Therapeutics Newton David W Jan/Feb 2012 58-61 Buy
United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <797> Timeline: 1989 to 2013 Newton David W Jul/Aug 2013 283-288 Buy
Clinical Perspectives in Compounding: Compounding Gains and Losses Since I Met "Careless Arithmetic Nullifies Careful Compounding" Newton David W Nov/Dec 2015 444-446 Buy
Does Your Drug Expertise Include Clinical Pharmaceutics? Newton David W May/Jun 2016 202-206 Buy
Mean Kinetic Temperature for Controlled Room Temperature Drug Storage: Official Definitions and Example Calculations Newton David W Jul/Aug 2019 281-287 Buy
From Wagon-Era Paregoric to Computer-Era Herbals Newton David W Mar/Apr 2001 112-115 Buy
Accuracy of Small-Volume Containers Newton David W Mar/Apr 2003 124-125 Buy
Three Drug Stability Lives Newton David W May/Jun 2000 190-193 Buy
Capsule-Weighing and Trituration Calculations Newton David W May/Jun 2001 192-194 Buy
Phenytoin Injections: From Compounding to Cerebyx Newton David W Nov/Dec 2002 410-413 Buy
Balances and Weighing Accuracy Newton David W Sep/Oct 1998 376-377 Buy
Accuracy of Graduated Cylinders Newton David W May/Jun 2003 208-210 Buy
Postcriptions: Compounding Paradox: Taught Less and Practiced More Newton David W Sep/Oct 2003 400 Buy
Magnetic Iron “Whiskers” in Cereals Newton David W, Hoffman Tovah G Jul/Aug 2002 281-283 Buy
A Primer on USP Chapter 797, "Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations," and USP Process for Drug and Practice Standards Newton David W, Trissel Lawrence A Jul/Aug 2004 251-263 Buy
Evolution of the United States Pharmacopeia Chapter <1206>: "Sterile Preparations - Pharmacy Practices" Okeke Claudia C, Barletta Frank, Newton David W, Allen Loyd V Jr Jul/Aug 2001 265-267 Buy
Basics of Compounding: United States Pharmacopeia General Chapter <797> Pharmaceutical Compounding--Sterile Preparations, Part 10: First Revision: The Main Changes, Events, and Rationale Okeke Claudia C, Newton David W, Kastango Eric S, Allen Loyd V Jr Nov/Dec 2008 530-536 Buy