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Case Report: Iontophoresis with Lidocaine and Dexamethasone for Treating Rotator Cuff Injury in a Hockey Player

Author(s):  Preckshot John

Issue:  Nov/Dec 1999 - Compounding for Arthritis Patients
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Abstract:  This reports the results of a successful treatment using iontophoresis of a rotator-cuff injury sustained by a professional hockey player. The treatment consisted of an aggressive protocol, which resulted in the player’s returning to active status in 13 days with no restriction of ability or complaints of pain or discomfort. Therapy involved lidocaine hydrochloride solution and dexamethasone sodium phosphate solution (beginning with a solution that was strengthened the fifth day after the injury, when a topical Pluronic lecithin organogel consisting of 10% lidocaine and 5% ketoprofen applied four times daily was added). The miiliamp push was also raised with the iontophoresis. The physical therapist who treated the patient felt that the more aggressive iontophoresis protocol, along with the ketamine in Pluronic lecithin organogel, figured significantly in the return of this player to active status.

Related Keywords: epicondylitis, iontophoresis, physical therapy, range of motion, rotator cuff, physical therapy, lidocaine, ketoprofen, ketamine


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