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Compounding Mouthwashes and Rinses for Oral Ulcerations

Author(s):  Paoletti James E, McCord Kayda

Issue:  Jan/Feb 1999 - Dental Compounding
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Abstract:  Compounding pharmacists can have a great impact on patients’ everyday quality of life when it comes to treating this condition. The authors discuss compounding from bulk powders, antibiotics (tetracycline, erthromycin), antihistamines, antifungals, other ingredients and other vehicles. A Formula for Oral Ulceration Mouthwash is provided. The authors conclude that compounding pharmacists have a great opportunity to help patients prevent, quell or cure mouth ulcerations by compounding mouthwashes and other dosage forms to suit an individual patient’s needs. They can also flavor a mouthwash to appeal to a particular patient, facilitating administration of the product and making a positive outcome more likely.

Related Keywords: Tetracycline, Erythromycin, Antihistamines, Antifungals, Lidocaine

Related Categories: DENTAL, EAR NOSE THROAT

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