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Migraine: A General Approach to Prevention and Treatment

Author(s):  Kennedy Bonnie M

Issue:  Sep/Oct 2006 - Dermatology
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Abstract:  Migraines occasionally are a symptom of another serious underlying health condition. Therefore, it is important for pharmacists to be familiar with the diagnostic criteria of migraine so that they can recognize which patients warrant a referral to a healthcare provider for further evaluation. Criteria for the diagnosis of migraines have been established by the International Headache Society. To assist migraine sufferers in their efforts to find relief from the pain and reduce the occurrence of migraines, it is important that compounding pharmacists be aware of the clinical features of migraine such as the four phases, the pathophysiology of migraines, the drug classes commonly used in the treatment of migraines, the variety of therapeutic approaches, and treatment options that may be offered by compounding pharmacists.

Related Keywords: Bonnie M. Kennedy, BS, migraine, headache, pain relief, pain control, analgesics, analgesia, serotonin receptor agonists, triptans, adverse effects, side effects, ergot derivatives, ergotamine, prevention


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