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Legal & Ethical Issues for Pharmacy Websites

Author(s):  King LD, Brashares Jennifer

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2003 - Terrorism
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Page(s):  88-92

Legal & Ethical Issues for Pharmacy Websites Page 1
Legal & Ethical Issues for Pharmacy Websites Page 2
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Abstract:  Intranet pharmacies offer customers many benefits, and many medical providers are using pharmacy websites to promote greater efficiency in their practices, minimize potential prescription errors and respond to revenue opportunities. However, there are risks for both providers and patients. In this article, the authors, affiliated with the International Academy for Compounding Pharmacists, discuss issues to consider when dispensing prescriptions online (comply with state laws, don’t dispense without a prescription, ensure patient confidentiality, avoid making claims, be careful about links to other sites, provide appropriate contact information and review regulations concerning filling of international prescriptions). They also provide a list of strategies to make a website effective and a list of eight information sources for online pharmacies.

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Related Categories: BUSINESS, LEGAL

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