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Pluronic Lecithin Organogel for Local Delivery of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Author(s):  Frankum James, Ramsay Dale, Das Nandita G, Das Sudip K

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2004 - Overview of USP Chapter <797>
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Page(s):  101-105

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Abstract:  The authors begin with a rationalization for a vehicle such as Pluronic lecithin organogel: the need to find a method of administering analgesics and pain medications for local pain relief that minimizes systemic side effects. They then discuss the mechanism of pain, drugs used to treat pain, Pluronic lecithin organogel as a vehicle for delivering topical analgesia, the ability of Pluronic lecithin organogel to enhance bioavailability of drugs, clinical studies with topical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pharmacokinetics of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs following topical application, side effects, and instructions for use. They conclude that Pluronic lecithin organogel provides a topical vehicle base for delivery of analgesic drugs that can supplant injection or oral administration, with the advantages of significant reduction of severe side effects, increased patient compliance and increase of potential analgesic effects at the painful site. They note that this dosage form can have side effects such as local irritation and may not be appropriate for use with all drugs. Despite these reservations, the authors suggest that Pluronic lecithin organogel appears to be effective as an alternative method for delivery of pain relief, for both patient and practitioner.

Related Keywords: Anti-inflammatory drugs, PLO as vehicle for, Das, Nandita G, PhD, MPharm, RPh, Das, Sudip K, PhD, MPharm, Frankum, James, PharmD, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in PLO, NSAIDs, in PLO, PLO, for anti-inflammatory drugs, Pluronic lecithin organogel, and anti-inflammatory drugs, as vehicle for, Ramsay, Dale, PharmD


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