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Extended Stability of Oxytocin in Common Infusion Solutions

Author(s):  Trissel Lawrence A, Zhang Yanping, Douglass Kate, Kastango Eric

Issue:  Mar/Apr 2006 - Hospice/Palliative Care
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Abstract:  The objective of this study was to evaluate the physical and chemical stability of oxytocin 0.08 U/mL admixed in 5% dextrose injection, 0.9% sodium chloride injection, and lactated Ringer’s injection bags. Triplicate test samples of oxytocin 0.08 U/mL in each infusion solution were prepared by adding the required amount of oxytocin injection to bags of the three infusion solutions. The samples were stored protected from light and evaluated at appropriate intervals for up to 90 days at room temperature (near 23 degrees C). Physical stability was assessed by using an evaluation procedure that included both turbidimetric measurement and visual inspection. Chemical stability was assessed by using a stability-indicating high-performance liquid chromatographic analytical technique and was based on the determination of drug concentrations initially and at appropriate intervals over the study period. The oxytocin admixtures in 5% dextrose and 0.9% sodium chloride were clear and colorless when viewed in normal fluores

Related Keywords: Lawrence A. Trissel, BS, RPh, FASHP, Yanping Zhang, BS, Kate Douglass, RN, Eric Kastango, MBA, RPh, FASHP, oxytocin, infusion solutions, stability, dextrose, sodium chloride, lactated Ringer's solution, polyethylene bags, storage temperature


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